Areas of specialization

Ÿ          The Ancient Period (The Biblical, Second Temple, Mishnaic and Talmudic Periods).

Ÿ          The Middle Ages.

Ÿ          The Modern Era and Recent Generations.

Study Tracks

Track 1

Areas of specialization (track 1 only)

Ÿ      Classical and comparative track.

Ÿ      Mishnaic Hebrew.

Ÿ      Medieval Hebrew.

Ÿ      Contemporary Hebrew and its background.

Ÿ      Assyriology.



14 annual hours, including two seminars with two different teachers in different subjects (the table below summarizes the requirements by periods and specialization areas).

Participation in a departmental seminar throughout the years of study.

Studies at the department or in other departments, as per the recommendation of the head of the department and the supervisor.

Students that do not submit their thesis by the end of the second year of study will be required to attend one course in the department until they submit their thesis.

Complementary studies

Ÿ          Applicants that studied Hebrew Language as a minor subject for B.A. and are accepted, will be required to complete complementary studies at a scope of 6 annual hours: Semantics (2 annual hours) and two elective courses from B.A. studies (4 annual hours).

Ÿ          Applicants whose B.A. degree is in another area or from another university will be required to complete complementary studies according to a program that will be determined by the department and approved by the Master's Degree Committee. Students are required to achieve an average grade of at least 80% in these courses.

Foreign languages: In addition to English - German, Spanish, French, Russian or any other language proposed by the supervisor – at beginners' level.


Track 2


(1)      Regular program

22 annual hours, as detailed below:

Comparative Semitic linguistics - 2 annual hours. In years when this course is not delivered one may study a course in Biblical philology (in coordination with the department).

Scientific writing - 1 annual hour.

Elective courses in different periods, including 3 seminar papers for at least 2 teachers -               19 annual hours. One may study 2 annual hours of these (including a seminar) in another department, in coordination with the department. Participation in a departmental seminar throughout all the years of study.


(2)      One-year shortened program for students that have completed the diploma study program in editing at Bar-Ilan University

16 annual hours from the department's Master's degree studies, including two seminars with two teachers.

One of the courses may be from the Bachelor's degree studies program or from another department, in coordination with the department.