Expository Writing & Ulpan

The preparatory Program (Mechina) for New Immigrants and Tourists aims to prepare students from all around the world for academic studies in Israel. 

The Mechina offers a two-semester program, aiming to familiarize the students with the teaching methods of the university, and prepare them for continued education in ANY Israeli institution of higher learning. The Program covers a broad spectrum of subjects including, among others, Judaic studies, Math, Hebrew, and elective courses. The Program consists of compulsory courses as well as several electives, all taught in a pleasant environment, adapted to the specific needs of the new immigrants and tourists who have just arrived in Israel. 

The Mechina teachers, instructors and administration try to assist the new student in successfully adjusting to studying at Bar-Ilan, and becoming part of campus life. In addition to the educational aspect, the Mechina also emphasizes familiarizing the students to Israel in order to facilitate the students' integration and naturalization processes. Studies are complemented by social gatherings, tours and weekends spent all over the country. 

A Hebrew Ulpan course is included in both Mechina cycles. The study level is "bet" to "vav” (2-6). The Ulpan runs for 6 weeks, followed by a short break, after which the Mechina commences.
Bar-Ilan Ulpan graduates can continue to higher degrees or other academic studies in any academic institution in Israel.

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